Thank You Holders!

πŸŒ€What would an Art Collection be without its holders?πŸ’―

Being a Holder of an NFT art piece in the Vertikal AI Vortex Community Currated Official Art Collection has many perks.

🎁 OG Holder will have future perks and surprise drops
🎁 ALL OG Holders will through a raffle, get to choose a NFT from the same collection.
🎁 Holders that join Discord get the Holders role that gives extra perks
🎁 25% of all our sales go to charity. Thank You for your support!

And at any time can Holders be rewarded with surprise perks. Dont forget to leave your wallet for future drops.

Holders Raffle

πŸ‘‰ After each contest we have a party
πŸ‘‰ with a Holders Raffel
πŸ‘‰ ALL OG Holders win NFT Drops 🎁