Welcome to the VERTIKAL AI Art Community

Welcome to #VAVortex AI Art Community, the pulsating core of AI art on Level 37 of the VERTIKAL Metaverse!

Join our vibrant community of artists as we explore, learn, and create AI Art together. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, we're here to have fun and support each other. Step into the AI Vortex and unleash your creative genius. Join us now, and let's make art that defies boundaries!

You'll find our activies here on our Website, on Twitter & Instagram.

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Contests, Open Calls, Showcases & Events

We invite you to be part of VAVortex AI Art Community by submitting your art.

The 1st of every month we have #VAVortexArtDay. A Contest providing a platform for all AI creators to unleash their creativity. We have a specific Theme, a choosen charity and make a Community Currated NFT Collection that we showcase in our 3D Gallery and at our Art Events in the Metaverse. Also open for Non-NFT Artists.

We also have Open Calls, Artshares, Events and Art Challanges for all artist to particitpate in. You find our Open Calls on Joyn.xyz, on Twitter and here on the Homepgae. We have 3D Galleries where we showcase our members art and host events in the Metaverse to keep the artconversations open. We also participate in others Events to make AI Art and our members artworks visable. We help onboard AI Artists to NFT's and web3 and we also have classes for learning new AI tools, so don't be shy - say hi! ❤️


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Welcome to the AMAZING MOONMARS We bing art to the MOON! Join us at MOON MARS DISCORD


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Dragon Exhibit to Celebrate the New Year of the Dragon, 10th Feb 2024. The first anniversary of the VAVortex AI Art Community. This POP is for all who joined. (Free Mint)


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We have many AMAZING Art Exhibitions that you can visit! You need a PC, Mac, or Phone! Here you find all of them!


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Organizers of Chaos

Meet the people behind VAVortex AI ART Community. They are the ones who bring everything and everybody together, making the community a vibrant and dynamic place for AI art creators, enthusiasts and collectors. Feel free to DM on Twitter or Instagram.

Friends, Collabs and Supporters

Thank You Amazing Artists, Friends, Supporters, Collectors and Colabs of VAVortex AI Art Community!

MoonMars Museum

Bringing art to the Moon and Beyond! 🌛🚀

MoonMars Museum, founded by two women and their communities, is a revolutionary initiative merging art, science, and technology -
set to redefine the boundaries of artistic expression and human legacy.

The inaugural art collection 'Mare Crisium' of 47 artworks, by independent artists and art communities, will land on the Moon Surface 2024
by @SpaceX Rocket and @Firefly_Space Blue Ghost Lunar Lander thanks to the partnership with @goLifeShip🌛🚀

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Welcome to the MoonMars and let's write history together! To the Moon, IRL! 🚀🚀🚀