VAVortex AI Art Contests are open to everybody, welcoming all creators. Whether you're an experienced AI Art creator or just starting out on your artistic journey, we invite you to participate and showcase your talent.

Our contests provide a platform for all AI Art creators to express themselves, push the boundaries of creativity, and join a vibrant community of like-minded individuals. We also have Open Calls for all artforms, but our community art collections are only for AI Artists.

Please familiarize yourself with the rules that govern VAVortex Art Contests. Make sure you've read and understood them before participating. Let's ensure a fair and enjoyable experience for all contestants.

To participate in VAVortex OPEN CALLS

To participate in VAVortex #VAVortexArtDay, we kindly ask you to follow these rules:

👉 The Art your submit MUST be UNMINTED and unlisted anywhere.

Post your submission onTwitterX and tag it #VAVortex #AIART10K

  1. QT the main announcement tweet on TwitterX
  2. Follow @VAVortex on TwitterX
  3. No limit in submission per participant. For some activites only one piece will be selected.
  4. No NSFW content.
  5. Tag at least 3 friends.
  6. Fill out the form to be considered!!!

To participate in VAVortex Open Call, we kindly ask you to follow the rules stated for each Open Call
We have Open Calls here, on TwitterX and/or in partnership with

👉 For all Open Calls follow these guedlines:

Post your submission onTwitterX and tag it #VAVortexOpenCall

  1. QT the main announcement tweet on TwitterX
  2. Follow @VAVortex on TwitterX
  3. No NSFW content.
  4. Tag at least 3 friends.
  5. Fill out the form to be considered!!!

How it works

ANNOUNCEMENT : The art contest, Open Call or activity is announced on Twitter X and on this website. Some Open Calls are also posted on

SUBMISSIONS : Artists submit their work between the given submission dates using the dedicated submission page. For NFT-Collections, Foundations worlds or other minted or published collections, art needs to be unminted anywhere. For Open Calls without collections, art can be minted or unminted.

VOTING : (Only for some contests) The voting for the contest is held on homepage and anybody can vote. Some contests also have a jury selection.

WINNERS : Open Call and Competition winners are announced, on TwitterX or at Event. The winning art and chosen entries are rewarded in the way stated. Rewards can be: Cash Prizes, Givaways, Showcased in VAVortex 3D Art Galleries, Showcased at other Metaverse Events, Exhibited in IRL Gallery or Conference. Promoted on social media, and the artist can get the chance to speak at event and spaces.

VAVortex Community Collections from #VAVortexArtDay: All submitted art is minted and put up for sale in VAVortex Community Collection on Objkt. From 2024 all art is minted into AIART10K - the worlds biggest AI Art Collection in creation. Art is minted as 1/1 and for the price of 5 tezos. Fifty percent (50%) of the proceeds go to the creator, twenty-five percent (25%) to charity, and twenty-five percent (25%) to feed the prize and activity fund.

AI ART EVOLUTION: AI ART Evolution is a 13,5% currated Foundation World currated by VAVortex AI Art Community and Linked by Art on ETH.

AI ART WORLD: AI ART World is a 10% currated Foundation World by VAVortex AI Art Community on ETH. Diffrent currators can be invited.

MARE CRISIUM; Moon Mars Museum: Mare Crisium Collection is a NFT Collection of 37 artworks going to the Moon surface at Mare Crisium during 2024. This Collection is curated by VAVortex AI Art Community and Paladin Punks and the Project MoonMars is founded by Johanna Nyqvist and Marike Fenstra. For more information visit

Other VAVortex Collections: Conditions for other collections will be announced in connections with the Open Call or at invitation to join a Showcase or Foundation World. Special conditions can also be included in the submission form.

All collections made by VAVortex AI Art Community is showcased in 3D Galleries on Oncyber Plattform and exhibited at Metaverse Events. Promotion and announcments of collections, events, artists and art is made on social media and in spaces. Aritst are invited to join and speak on their art.

What's in it for you?

By entering VAVortex AI Art Contests and/or VAVortex AI Art OPEN CALL Showcases, you will:

• Gain exposure and showcase your AI Art.

• Foster artistic growth and challenge yourself in a friendly competition and/or a Open Call.

• Connect and collaborate with like-minded AI Art creators.

• Compete for exciting prizes, rewards, and contribute to charitable causes.

• Become part of a curated collection, opening opportunities for exhibitions and potential NFT sales.

• Find inspiration and be inspired by the creativity of fellow artists.

Warm Welcome to VAVortex AI Art Community!